water pipe inspection camera for commercial use

The Advantages of Using a Water Pipe Camera for Inspection

Home and business owners know that plumbing issues can arise at any time. Finding and fixing leaks, clogs, and other problems in water pipes often requires a professional inspection. This is where water pipe cameras become invaluable tools.

What Are Pipe Cameras

A water pipe camera, also called a plumbing camera or sewer camera, is a specialized inspection camera on a flexible cable. It can be snaked through pipes to provide a video feed of the interior.
Water pipe cameras feature powerful lighting and high-resolution video. This allows plumbers to thoroughly inspect pipes and identify any damage, obstructions, or other issues.
Key Benefits of Utilizing Water Pipe Cameras
Water pipe cameras offer many advantages over traditional inspection methods:

  1. Precise Locating of Issues. A camera can pinpoint the exact location of leaks, cracks, clogs, and more. Manual inspections such as listening for running water are imprecise. Cameras eliminate guesswork.
  2. Assessment of Damage. High-quality video shows the type and extent of damage. Plumbers can determine if repairs or full replacement are needed.
  3. Limit Invasive Work. Cameras reduce the need for breaking into walls and floors to access pipes. Major demolition can be avoided.
  4. Record Keeping. Video documentation provides visual proof of problems for property owners. The recordings can also be used for insurance claims.
  5. Faster Diagnosis. A thorough camera inspection takes far less time than manual testing of each joint and pipe run. Issues are identified quickly.
  6. Enhanced Safety. Camera use lowers safety risks to plumbers. They do not need to directly handle hazardous sewage flows.
This video shows how the Miniflex Plumbing Inspection camera makes at least 3 schedules 40 - 90° tight bends in 1.3" PVC pipes, and then 3 tight 90° turns in 2" pipes and then 2 turns in 3" pipes, all together it makes around 8 90s!
"A drain pipe camera allows identifying and addressing minor drain issues before they become major expensive problems."

When Are Water Pipe Cameras Used

Plumbers utilize water pipe cameras in numerous situations:
  • Inspecting sewer pipes and main drain lines for clogs, tree root intrusion, and more.
  • Locating the cause of leaks in water supply pipes.
  • Identifying points of deterioration and corrosion in old pipes.
  • Checking new pipe installations for proper slope and joinery.
  • Diagnosing flow problems in sink, tub, and shower drains.
  • Documenting insurance claims for water damage from leaks.

Key Considerations When Using a Water Pipe Camera

While extremely useful, water pipe cameras do have limitations plumbers must consider:
  • Very small pipes and tight bends may be inaccessible.
  • Older pipe materials like clay and cast iron can fracture if a camera cable is pushed too hard.
  • Deposits of grease, minerals, and other debris can obstruct the camera lens.
  • Some plastic pipes have textured interiors that reduce video clarity.
Despite these factors, a water pipe camera remains an indispensable tool for accurate pipe analysis. Proper training and experience allow plumbers to navigate most inspection challenges.
If you suspect a hidden issue in your plumbing system, avoid the hassle and arrange for a professional water pipe camera inspection. The detailed findings can confirm if repairs or replacements are required. Your experienced local plumber can also discuss any access needs, costs, and next steps.