plumbing snake with camera for commercial use

Plumbing Snakes with Cameras - A Game Changer for Drain Inspections

Using a plumbing snake with camera has become an invaluable tool for plumbers and homeowners alike when it comes to inspecting drains and pipes. Also known as video snake camera plumbing or snake with camera for plumbing, this device combines the traditional flexible plumbing snake with a high-resolution camera on the end, providing a live video feed of the inside of pipes.

Why Choose a Plumbing Snake with Camera

There are several key benefits that a plumbing snake and camera combo provides over a standard plumbing snake:
  • Accurately locate blockages and identify causes: The camera gives you a first-hand, up-close view of any clogs, breaks, invasions by tree roots, or other issues. This helps determine the exact location and customize the solution.
  • Prevent unnecessary damage: You can carefully maneuver the snake to the blockage without scratching pipes or pushing the clog further down the line. The camera lets you see where you are going.
  • Thorough drain inspections: A camera snake allows complete inspections of drain lines and pipes to identify any potential problems and prevent future clogs or leaks.
  • Record drain conditions: The camera may allow you to record video for documentation so you can monitor conditions over time or share with customers.
  • Hard-to-reach areas: The snake's flexible cable can access drain lines that are difficult to reach with other tools. The camera still provides visibility.
Key Features of Camera Snakes
There are a variety of plumbing snakes with cameras on the market with different features suited for various applications:
  • Video screen: Allows you to view the camera's video feed. Digital models can connect to smartphones or tablets.
  • Camera lighting: Lights up the inside of the drain to allow a clear view in low light.
  • Camera resolution: Higher resolution cameras offer better image quality and detail. Many models record video as well.
  • Cable length: Longer cable lengths allow accessing long drain lines or deep blockages. Cables are typically 25-100 feet long.
  • Cable flexibility: More flexible cables can maneuver through tight bends and elbows in drain lines.
  • Cable diameter: Thinner cables are better for small drain lines like sink drains or tub drains. Thicker cables have more push power.
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"A drain pipe camera allows identifying and addressing minor drain issues before they become major expensive problems."

Tips for Effectively Using a Camera Snake

To get the most out of your plumbing snake with camera, keep these tips in mind:
  • Carefully feed the cable into the drain line to avoid damage. Go slow around tight bends.
  • Use the camera view to carefully navigate to the clog, avoiding pushing it further down.
  • Try different vantage points and camera angles to thoroughly inspect the drain system.
  • Record video evidence of any problems found to assist with repairs or maintenance.
  • Rinse the cable with water after use to wash away drain debris and prolong device lifetime.
  • Review manufacturer instructions and warranty information for proper maintenance and storage.
For effective drain inspections and clearing, a plumbing snake camera is an invaluable tool. The camera visibility enhances precision and thoroughness compared to a standard snake alone. With proper use, it can help identify and resolve drain issues as well as monitor drain conditions over time.