camera for looking inside pipes for commercial use

Seeing Inside Pipes with Specialty Cameras

Have you ever wondered what the inside of your plumbing pipes looks like? Clogs, leaks, and corrosion can happen out of sight within pipes, causing major headaches. Specialty pipe inspection cameras allow plumbers and homeowners to get a view inside their pipe systems to check condition and pinpoint problems.

Why Inspect Inside of Pipes

There are several important reasons to visually inspect the interiors of plumbing pipes:
  • Detect clogs - See blockages caused by buildups, obstructions, or root intrusion. Catch clogs before they become huge problems.
  • Find leaks - Pinpoint cracks, holes and faulty joints causing leaks before major damage or water waste occurs.
  • Check corrosion - Assess corrosion and rust inside cast iron, galvanized and clay pipes which can lead to leaks.
  • Identify intrusions - Find root encroachment or nests in sewer vents and underground drain pipes.
  • Verify repairs - Confirm pipe repairs, joints, and installations were done properly without flaws.
Key Features of Pipe Cameras
Look for these useful features when choosing a pipe inspection camera:
  • Far viewing distance - Longer cable lengths of 50 ft or more to inspect entire pipe runs.
  • Wide field of view - Fish-eye lens sees a wider scope of pipe interiors.
  • Pan and tilt - Remote controlled camera angle adjustment to inspect pipe walls and corners.
  • High resolution - Sharp, detailed images and video to closely examine pipe conditions.
  • Lighting - Bright LED lights to illuminate dark pipe interiors. Look for adjustable brightness.
  • Durability - Rugged metal housing and waterproofing to withstand rough pipe environments.
"A drain pipe camera allows identifying and addressing minor drain issues before they become major expensive problems."

Pipe Inspection Camera Types

There are various camera types and features for seeing inside pipes:
  • Pipe inspection cameras - Self-contained, waterproof cameras on cables for pushing through pipes. Quality ranges from DIY models to professional industrial cameras.
  • Video pipe inspection systems - All-in-one systems with a monitor, digital recording and specialized camera heads. Used by plumbers for documentation.
  • Portable wireless cameras - Pipe cameras with a connected tablet or smartphone for live viewing without a tethered wire. Convenient for DIY users.
  • Drain line cameras - Small waterproof cameras to send down kitchen, bathroom and other drain lines to find clogs.
  • Sewer line cameras - Sturdy sewer augers with powerful camera heads to inspect main sewer pipes.

Benefits of Pipe Inspection Cameras

A basic sewer camera inspection process includes:
  • Prevent clogs from causing backups and flooding.
  • Reduce water waste and damage from hidden leaks.
  • Avoid rupture failures from unchecked corrosion.
  • Prevent vermin infestations traveling through pipes.
  • Ensure repairs and installations are defect-free.
  • Lower repair costs by catching problems early before they escalate.
Specialty pipe inspection cameras are essential tools for plumbers and inspectors. They provide a valuable view inside pipes to check conditions, diagnose issues and prevent costly problems. Even DIYers can benefit from a basic drain line camera for occasional home pipe inspections.